Cat behaviorist. Worldwide lost cat recovery.


Jenne Mundy is a cat behaviorist and pet detective with twenty years of experience finding lost cats. She has clients all over the world and has assisted in the recovery of over a thousand lost cats.

Ms. Mundy also coaches cats and their human companions with behavioral training so they can live together in peace and harmony.



Searching for a Lost Cat?

International lost cat recovery. Programs and strategies tailored to your individual cat. Scientific. Proven. 20 years of experience reuniting feline families. Recover your missing kitty as quickly as possible.


Cat Behavior and training solutions

Misunderstandings between you and your problem child? Spraying? Aggression? Introducing kitty to a new territory? In-home feline behavioral consultations. Your cat and your family will thank you!

The Mission:

To understand and respect each cat as a unique individual shaped by experiences and personality. To provide humans with the tools necessary to communicate effectively with their cats and get them home as quickly as possible. To coach and support humans through the process.


About me

Twenty years ago my life was turned upside down when my cat got out by mistake. It took me three months to recover her. During that time, I had no sightings. But I knew my cat. I knew her personality and I knew her history. I knew what she had done in the past and how she would likely react to trauma. I studied the environment she was in and I tried different strategies until I hit upon the right ones that attracted her back to me. Finally, after three long and brutal months of stumbling through trial and error, I got her back.

Every day I speak to new owners all over the world to guide them through the recovery process and help them avoid the same mistakes I made. I was one of the founders of Missing Cat Assistance, and I continue working in collaboration with rescue organizations and non-profits throughout the country. I’ve helped over a thousand cats and their families worldwide.

I also work with local San Antonio families to coach them through any behavioral misunderstandings they have with their cats. I volunteer with local shelters and do TNR to assist with the San Antonio overpopulation of feral cats. I have appeared in National Geographic Kids, Prevention, Iams, Purina, The San Antonio Express News, and other local news. I’ve been a guest of Animal Planet and Discovery. I currently live in San Antonio, Texas with an opinionated Bengal rescue named Kara and Kara’s minions Houdini, Charlie, and Bailey.

Jenne is trained in deductive reasoning, probability theory, and how and where to search for a lost cat. The sooner that you utilize Jenne’s services, the better equipped you will be to know how and where to search for your lost cat.
— Kat Albrecht, Missing Pet Partnership
Jenne’s strategies were logical and cat-orientated and manageable… I am convinced without Jenne we would not have been able to find Borbola… We would have got exhausted carrying out impractical search strategies that didn’t match his behaviour at all. We got grounded, practical encouragement.  No-one can wave a magic wand and bring your kitty home, you have to do the work, act on advice!! Jenne was a brilliant, accurate cat-profiler: recommended for anyone trying to find their lost kitty.
— Ruth and Borbola, London
Hi Jenne,your wonderful work with me goes way back!! If it were not for you, I would never have gotten my beautiful cat Harry back after he got away on our vacation. He was gone a total of 78 days. I always remember one night in particular that I caught him in the “have a heart” and he actually escaped! I was ready to give up. You knew and told me that I was so close, “don’t give up”. You were so right!! I got him that very next night. You were the first person I called with the great news. Thank you, your “furever” friend,
— Pam and Harry
Thank you so much for being my guide and support during this process. Your encouragement and advice kept me going every day. So many times I felt like giving up or felt like a bad Mommy and your encouragement pulled me through. This month has been one of the hardest in my life. The sad part is over and now it’s time for me to celebrate. I hope you feel really good about what you do. You’re the only person who gave me guidance that made sense and ultimately led to me trapping my cat.
— Audrey and Aria
WE HAVE ARTHUR!   Thanks so much for all your help and support we really appreciate it!
— Jen and Arthur, Toronto, Canada
Jenne’s approach was very sincere and fact we got cut off after talking to her for an hour and she promptly called back and kept going over things with my wife for another twenty to thirty minutes. Whenever we had a question Jenne was very prompt to get back to our emails with suggestions and solutions. We started using her suggestions immediately, which gave our searches and efforts more meaning and purpose.
Please keep your spirits up and don’t give up hope. We proudly give our full recommendation for Jenne Mundy. By following Jenne’s suggestions, the chances for getting your cat home safely is greatly increased.
— Earl & Becky and Bugs
I am so happy to have met you and so happy that King George is back!   Thanks a million,
— Laura and King George, San Francisco, CA
Jenne has been a vital asset and great help to us finding our cat, Spock! She had incredible insight to a displaced cat’s behavior, and was integral to helping me come up with the best strategy to get Spock back. Not only was she a great listener during our phone conversation, she went above and beyond by being available via email and continuing to offer advice, encouragement, and much needed hope. She convinced me that, based on our specific situation, that with enough patience and perseverance, we *would* get our Spock back! And we did!! I really can’t thank Jenne enough, she truly has helped us get our baby back and what she offers is priceless. Hire her, you won’t be disappointed! :)
— Shelia and Spock
I had been searching for Crumb Bun for two weeks with no real leads and I was feeling completely lost myself when I called you. By the time we were done talking, I was completely confident that my cat was still in our neighborhood and it was going to be a matter of trapping him. You were so comforting to talk to and addressed all of my concerns and fears, and with your help, we were able to find where Crumb Bun had been hiding and trap him less than a week later.
— Maggie and Crumb Bun, Rome, GA
Grishnackh made his escape into the outside world at about 2am. When we realised we started the normal panic and running around the street. While trying to work out what to do I stumbled across Jenne’s website and decided to call her. That was the best decision I ever made! Jenne was able to give me some immediate advice and then organise to speak at length later. When we spoke Jenne gave me excellent insight into Grishnackh’s behaviour and provide me with an excellent plan to get him home. I do not doubt that it was Jenne’s advice and strategy that gave Grishnackh the courage to make his way back to our house. Jenne was also able to give me the confidence to stay strong and do what I needed to do to bring him home.
Thank you so much for your help. I honestly believe that your help and advice was what helped him come home.
— Rebecca and Grishnackh, Perth, Western Australia
HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did I already thank you for your help? I don’t think so.....: THANK YOU!!!!!
— A very happy Caroline and Pleuntje, Ooltgensplaat, the Netherlands
With some coaching from Jenne on how to bring her back it only took a few days and we got her back. I am so thankful for Jenne’s amazing knowledge on this and I recommend her services any day. Thank you Jenne Mundy!
— Kris and Lily, PE Island, Canada
Thanks so much we’re so happy!!
— Nick and Micaela & Doby, Phnom Penh Cambodia