Finding lost cats internationally for 20 years.


Behavior-based strategies for recovering your lost cat. Scientific, logical, and manageable.

Love. FOUND. Dubai.

Love. FOUND. Dubai.


What is CAt Profiling and why do i need it?

Every cat is a unique individual with behavior that reflects a singular personality, temperament, and a lifetime of experiences. If we completely understand a cat, we can predict with greater accuracy how that cat will behave. Each cat copes with stress differently. What works for one cat might not work for another.  Every case is different.  Every missing cat needs a recovery plan specifically tailored to fit who they are and the circumstances of their disappearance.

Roxy. FOUND.

Roxy. FOUND.


I teach YOU how to find your cat. I’m an animal behavioral consultant with 20+ years of experience specializing in lost cat behavior. I’m here to provide an objective assessment of each case and set up a recovery plan. I coach, cheerlead, support, instruct, and walk you through the process.  But you have to do the work.  My strategies are highly effective, and I will give you the tools to bring your kitty home.


So how does it work?

George. FOUND. Long Island, NY.

George. FOUND. Long Island, NY.


Contact me to set up an appointment.

Include a brief description of your cat and what happened.

Tess. FOUND. Austin, TX

Tess. FOUND. Austin, TX


We’ll talk by phone, Skype, or What’s App.

I’ll take a detailed case history of your cat and make sure I understand you, your cat, the situation, neighborhood, and the circumstances of disappearance.

Claude. FOUND. Ireland.

Claude. FOUND. Ireland.


I’ll set you up with logical, manageable behavior-based strategies tailored to fit you and your individual cat.

If required, I can provide follow-up support and coaching to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and that your search is a success.


Finding lost cats worldwide

Our lost cat recovery strategies at work! These are some of the cats we’ve worked with, now reunited with their owners.



You CAn find your Lost cat too.

Don’t give up


Borbola is an International Jenne Mundy assisted kitty recovery case in London, UK. Missing 21.09.08, recovered mile and a half away 20 days later. 

I’m writing this because Jenne Mundy helped me find my cat and I can recommend her for anyone looking for their lost kitty. And I don’t even live on the same continent….

2 yr old Borbola adopted me when I moved apartments. It was freezing outside when he needed food and shelter sometimes, as things weren’t working out with the family he lived with. He put on his best charming, huge-eyed “feed me I’m friendly face” and sneaked into my apartment behind me when I came home...  I checked out who he belonged to and cutting a long story short, came to an agreement with the family to buy him and give him a home. He was gone with no trace.

He chose well…. His new vet neutered and micro chipped him, he had a fabulous diet of the pricier cat food brands, toys, cuddles. My partner Simon adored him. We all moved to a new apartment, cat paradise, just off road, backing onto woods, quiet neighbourhood. He stayed indoors for 3 weeks and then began to be allowed to venture out – most cats in the UK are indoor-outdoor kitties. He went out and came home daily. For 2 weeks, all was well. Then he suddenly didn’t come home at all.. 

For 1 week we leafled postered, knocked on doors, wandered the area calling, catfood in my hand, catfood in my purse. I contacted every shelter, every organisation, spoke to some, er, interesting characters, looked in people’s gardens, and got bad flu.

Then Simon and I spoke to Jenne Mundy. She was extremely methodical and very warm.  Jenne listened to my worst fears, appraised them rationally and came up with really practical strategies that fitted in with Borbola.   Her prediction was that he would go to humans for food in the way he had first approached me. He was in fact found a mile and a half away in a built up area, pulling the old “feed me I’m friendly” huge-eyed pretty cat routine with strangers for food – and trying to skip into their apartments behind them …

Jenne’s strategies were logical and cat-orientated and manageable. Simon and I were emotional and tired – yetwe had this calm ‘voice’ via email or phonecalls via the internet, suggesting the next cat-logical move. I am convinced without Jenne we would not have been able to find Borbola.

We would have got exhausted carrying out impractical search strategies that didn’t match his behaviour at all. We got grounded, practical encouragement.

No-one can wave a magic wand and bring your kitty home, you have to do the work, act on advice!! Jenne was a brilliant, accurate cat-profiler: recommended for anyone trying to find their lost kitty.

Ruth and Borbola, London UK



Harry is home! Happy Birthday Harry!

Hello, Jenne. This is the best news I have had to tell you. Harry came to eat at 12:12 last night (early morning). We arrived home after a very talkative journey at 2:30 am.

It is like he has never been gone. He can't stop purring. He slept with my daughter. He is so warm and happy. He looks great! His fur is clean. He is just very thin.

I have a work meeting now, but I will fill you in a bit later. I can't say thank you enough for your help and sticking with me. What a nice day!

Hi Jenne,your wonderful work with me goes way back!! If it were not for you, I would never have gotten my beautiful cat Harry back after he got away on our vacation. He was gone a total of 78 days. I always remember one night in particular that I caught him in the "have a heart" and he actually escaped! I was ready to give up. You knew and told me that I was so close, "don't give up". You were so right!! I got him that very next night. You were the first person I called with the great news. Thank you, your "furever" friend,

Pam Clark and Harry, Newbury, NH

Hi Jenne,

Great news!  She's been missing for 27 days and is finally home! She's not traumatized at all and maybe just lost a pound or two. Unfortunately she's more interested in exploring my room than some Mommy bonding time but I'm just so relieved to see her again safe and sound. 

The trauma of losing my cat weighed heavily on me every day that she was gone. Thank you so much for being my guide and support during this process. Your encouragement and advice kept me going every day. So many times I felt like giving up or felt like a bad Mommy and your encouragement pulled me through.

This month has been one of the hardest in my life. The sad part is over and now it's time for me to celebrate. I hope you feel really good about what you do. You're the only person who gave me guidance that made sense and ultimately led to me trapping my cat.

Please feel free to use part or all of my story for your site. Your service helps a lot of grief stricken pet owners in my situation and the hardest part by far is to keep going with the search and trap efforts. 

I gotta go and pet Aria some more. It's like a dream having her back!

All the best,

Audrey and Aria
ps.  Aria says thank you too!!  

Crumb Bun

I had been searching for Crumb Bun for two weeks with no real leads and I was feeling completely lost myself when I called you. By the time we were done talking, I was completely confident that my cat was still in our neighborhood and it was going to be a matter of trapping him. You were so comforting to talk to and addressed all of my concerns and fears, and with your help, we were able to find where Crumb Bun had been hiding and trap him less than a week later.

Thank you so much for all of this, and I appreciate all of the time and effort you put in more than I can express.. .

Very best, and thank you again!!

Maggie and Crumb Bun, Rome, GA


Jenne has been a vital asset and great help to us finding our cat, Spock! She had incredible insight to a displaced cat's behavior, and was integral to helping me come up with the best strategy to get Spock back. Not only was she a great listener during our phone conversation, she went above and beyond by being available via email and continuing to offer advice, encouragement, and much needed hope. She convinced me that, based on our specific situation, that with enough patience and perseverance, we *would* get our Spock back! And we did!! I really can't thank Jenne enough, she truly has helped us get our baby back and what she offers is priceless. Hire her, you won't be disappointed! :)

Thanks again Jenne! You're Spock's hero (and mine!)

-Sheila and Spock


When our kitty 'Bugs' went missing in late May, my wife was absolutely distraught.  It seemed like everything we were trying was failing or was at least a day late.  It was after a week of sheer frustration when she found Jenne Mundy's website and asked me my thoughts.  To say the least I was very skeptical and at first thought it was a scam.  Knowing how upset and desperate my wife was for any possible answers I agreed to give Jenne a try. 

Jenne's approach was very sincere and fact we got cut off after talking to her for an hour and she promptly called back and kept going over things with my wife for another twenty to thirty minutes.  Whenever we had a question Jenne was very prompt to get back to our emails with suggestions and solutions.  We started using her suggestions immediately, which gave our searches and efforts more meaning and purpose. 

In our case, it appears that someone took Bugs for a ride and dropped him off several miles away.  He had been staying with a lady for two weeks when she saw our ad in the local paper about a missing black cat and gave us a call.  Jenne's approach was for a cat that went into survival mode and stayed fairly close to home - which is the most common situation when kitties go missing.  If Bugs had been within 1/2 to 1 mile radius we fully believe that her suggestions would have brought him home.  Her insights and knowledge gave us things to work on now that Bugs has returned home to make him feel more safe, secure and loved.

Please keep your spirits up and don't give up hope.  We proudly give our full recommendation for Jenne Mundy.  By following Jenne's suggestions, the chances for getting your cat home safely is greatly increased.  

God Bless,

Earl & Becky and Bugs Calvert,  East Wenatchee, WA


Grishnackh made his escape into the outside world at about 2am.  When we realised we started the normal panic and running around the street.  While trying to work out what to do I stumbled across Jenne's website and decided to call her.  That was the best decision I ever made!  Jenne was able to give me some immediate advice and then organise to speak at length later.  When we spoke Jenne gave me excellent insight into Grishnackh's behaviour and provide me with an excellent plan to get him home.  I do not doubt that it was Jenne's advice and strategy that gave Grishnackh the courage to make his way back to our house.  Jenne was also able to give me the confidence to stay strong and do what I needed to do to bring him home. 

Thank you so much for your help.  I honestly believe that your help and advice was what helped him come home.  I would have done things very differently and I doubt he would have been able to work out how to get home if I had followed what my instinct was.  

As much as I hate to say it I hope I don't need your service again but if I ever do you will be the first contact I make. 


Rebecca and Grishnackh, Perth, Western Australia

King George

Dear Jenne, 

I am so happy to have met you and so happy that King George is back! 

He lost almost 4 lbs and the white part of his fur looks almost black. I bought a box of cat wipes and will slowly help him get clean!

My boyfriend was at home when he heard King George crying outside. He may have forgotten about ringing the bell.  He opened the door and King George looked almost frightened at first and wanted to run away but my boyfriend calmed him down. He had to call his name 2,3 times before he turned around.

He came in and ate almost 3 bowls of wet food and drank a lot of water. He could not decide whether to eat or drink first. He seemed very relieved.  Every step of the way every little thing in the apartment he recognised settled him down.  His voice was hoarse most likely due to dehydration.  Throughout the day he kept wanting to go outside and would go and hide under the staircase beneath the house. I suspect he must have been stuck in a dark place for a while and is a little shocked to be back in the open.

The vet said he is healthy. We also discovered he already has a microchip and I called the company to register and give them my information. 

Please stay in touch and again thanks a million!

 warmest wishes,

~Laura and King George, San Francisco, CA 


Pleuntje is back!!!!
Jenne, I hope you are feeling as good as I do now! 
Last evening I received a phonecall from a man that told me he had seen a white cat somewhere, two times. And because he had seen my flyer he thought he should call me. And for the first time in these last four weeks I felt some kind of 'believing this could be it'!
I went to see him and he showed me where it was. So this night I went there to sit there, it was 2.30 am pfff, with a pillowcover, snacks, light etc...everything needed to catch her if.....
After two hours in which nothing happened I was so cold and bored that I decided to go home. But what I had not done until than was shine with my flashlight. I did not want to scare her off by doing that. But that moment before going home I thought I need to look first otherwise its stupid to go without checking that way. And there she was, my beautiful girl, hiding inside a worldwar 2 bunker I was sitting on the entire time, calling and whistling. As you said, she didn`t make a sound.
I put down the plate of food right in front of her and talk to her soothingly. She started to grown, that sounds like a cow. That means she`s a bit scared, so I backed away and sat myself down a little further from her. Than she came out of her hidingplace. First I thought she would run of. She didn`t touch the food but still growled. Than she walked towards me, I think she recognised me before I did her. This kitty is so much smaller, thinner, but after 4 weeks that`s normal. 
She started to stroke her head against me, so much and miauwed but with a strange sound, not like I was used to from her. I talked to her and walked towards a bowl of dry food. From this she started to eat. Then she came back to me, clearly happy with my presence. At that time I thought about what I would do next. Stuff her in the pillowcover? I could easily pick her up, but for a short while than she resisted. But she did follow me when I walked away.
Jenne, She followed me all the way home, miauwing in her strange voice!!! I opened the door and I swear she remembered because she knew her way and walked right through. Next thing I did was check if it was really her by holding her underneath the scanner I have that is used to open the catdoor only to Babushka and Pleuntje. It peeped and I could be sure! 
HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did I already thank you for your help? I don`t think so.....: THANK YOU!!!!!
A very happy Caroline and Pleuntje, Ooltgensplaat, the Netherlands  



Hey Jenne,

WE HAVE ARTHUR!   We went back at 12:30 when it was pretty quiet and Stephen went up the ladder.  Arthur tried really hard and travelled the five or more feet to get to Stephen's arms and he carried Arthur down and handed him to me and I carried him home! He is drinking lots of water but seems ok.

He's very loving. He'll being staying in our room tonight. Chloe was not to pleased to see him but I'm sure all that will pass.

Thanks so much for all your help and support we really appreciate it!

Jen, Stephen & Arthur, Toronto, Canada


A few years ago my kitten got out and I was devastated, I got a hold of Jenne got her # off the internet she assured me my kitten was not far away. I was convinced she was long gone. With some coaching from Jenne on how to bring her back it only took a few days and we got her back. I am so thankful for Jenne's amazing knowledge on this and I recommend her services any day. Thank you Jenne Mundy.

Kris and Lily, Prince Edward Island, Canada



He’s home!!!!  Sure enough he and another cat were face to face (similar to the shiva experience) on the large yellow roof. we went one floor down to get a closer look and make sure it was him…and to do what you advised.  Originally he started walk slowly away )in the video)….so we stayed in sight and quickly open a fresh can of tuna that got his attention. Slowly he came back and started eating and we got him!

Let us know if you may have a few minutes to speak again. We have a few questions about what to do now that he’s home (anything special needed, go to the vet, etc?) and how to prevent and manage this the right way in the future.

Thanks so much we’re so happy!!  Him too hopefully!!

Nick and Micaela & Doby, Phnom Penh Cambodia