Welcome!  Email me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  In the meantime, if you have general lost cat questions,  I encourage you to consult my FAQ.  

I look forward to working with you to help bring peace back to your home! 

Jenne Mundy


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Jenne Mundy is a cat behaviorist and lost pet detective with over thirteen years of experience finding lost cats.  She has clients all over the world and has assisted in the recovery of over a thousand lost cats.  Ms. Mundy also coaches cats and their human companions with behavioral training so they can live together in peace and harmony.  



Lost cat profile services: 

60 minute consultation:  $120.00


A general profile of your cat's personality

Assessment of the facts of your case from an unbiased perspective

A strategy to recover your cat that is customized to work for both you and your kitty

Written material that will assist you in your search

Overview of your cat's history

Brief analysis of your neighborhood or the area where he is now

Strategies for enlisting the aid and volunteer services of your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors

Explanation of cat behavior

Analysis of what your cat is thinking

Turning your panic and grief into positive action

Complete Cat Profile:  $300.00

Includes all of the services provided in the 60 consultations PLUS:

Comprehensive unlimited initial interview

I am available to you by email or by phone for an extra four weeks of follow-up emails and phone calls whenever you require

Complete individualized cat profiling of your cat's temperament, personality, and history including his likes, dislikes, behavior with people, family members, strangers, and other animals

Predictions on how these factors will affect his behavior in his present circumstances

Map analysis, topographical as well as street levels

History of your neighbors and their pets

Analysis of your cat's past territory and his present one

Research on your local wildlife

Advice about what to do when your kitty returns!

Appointments that run over schedule will be invoiced at $100.00 for the second hour and $60.00 for the half hour.  Alternatively, clients may choose to move ahead with receiving ongoing support.    

It's very simple: Your cat wants to live. His job is to survive. 

Your job is to find him.

Lost cat profiles are performed by phone or Skype.  I am located in San Antonio, Texas, Central Standard Time, but I take clients all over the world.  Appointments are available seven days a week, daytimes and evenings.  I work with clients to accommodate time differences to the best of my ability.

Here’s how it works: 

Email to inquire and schedule an appointment.  24 hours prior to our appointment time I need: 

1.  A copy of your flyer

2.  Recent photos of your kitty

3.  Any maps, photos, or video of the territory you have acquired

4.  Your payment for our appointment 

If the payment has not been made prior to our appointment, I will not be able to go through with the service.  Thank you for your patience!